How do I run Hazelcast 3.11 version with a group name? In later versions there's an environment variable for that HZ_CLUSTERNAME but in 3.11 I can't find anything like it in documentation. This is how I'm trying to launch Hazelcast

docker run \
    -itd \
    --network hazelcast-network \
    --rm \
    -e HZ_CLUSTERNAME=default_groupname \
    -p 5701:5701 hazelcast/hazelcast:3.11.4

Also I tried to launch it like this

docker run \
    -itd \
    --network hazelcast-network \
    --rm \
    -v "$(pwd)"/hazelcastconf/:/mnt \
    -p 5701:5701 hazelcast/hazelcast:3.11.4 \
    java -Dhazelcast.config=/mnt/hazelcast.xml

with config as follows

<hazelcast xmlns="http://www.hazelcast.com/schema/config" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.hazelcast.com/schema/config http://www.hazelcast.com/schema/config/hazelcast-config-3.11.xsd">
        <port auto-increment="true" port-count="100">5701</port>
            <multicast enabled="false"></multicast>
    <map name="sessions">

Is there a way to properly set group name while launching it in Docker?

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The configuration overriding was added in Hazelcast 4.1 (according to the Release Notes). Details on its usage are in the Reference Manual.

I suggest upgrading your Hazelcast version. If you don't want to upgrade or can't there is still a way to proceed with the problem in Hazelcast 3.11.z

The way to go is mapping a custom configuration file as the volume into the container as you've guessed.

One possible solution is to map the config file directly into the Hazelcast installation directory ("/opt/hazelcast").

docker run ... \
 -v "$(pwd)/hazelcastconf/hazelcast.xml:/opt/hazelcast/hazelcast.xml" \

Or you can define the custom path in the JAVA_OPTS environment variable:

docker run ... \
 -v "$(pwd)/hazelcastconf:/mnt" \
 -e JAVA_OPTS=-Dhazelcast.config=/mnt/hazelcast.xml \

The start command (CMD) in the Docker image changed over time and it's better to not touch it. ;)

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