I'm trying to create a listbox with images. The images will be fetched from a TImage component ; i don't want to use a TImageList because TImage can handle a lot of image types (png, gif, jpg) and i don't have to convert it to populate the Imagelist.

So i've set my listbox style to lbOwnerDrawVariable and i'm trying to paint the image from TImage into the listbox. I've set Image1 width and height to 50 because this is the size i want the images to have on the listbox.

Here is my code :

procedure TForm2.listbox1DrawItem(Control: TWinControl; Index: Integer; Rect: TRect; State: TOwnerDrawState);
  CenterText: Integer;
  CenterText := (Rect.Bottom - Rect.top - listbox1.Canvas.TextHeight(text)) div 2;
  listbox1.Canvas.TextOut(Rect.left + 58, Rect.top + CenterText, listbox1.Items.Strings[index]);

But instead of putting the image in each listbox item, it's drawing a lot of images inside thel listbox itself, with its original size instead of 50... what's wrong with my code ?

enter image description here

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    Image1.Width and .Height are the dimensions of the TImage control. These are completely unrelated to the dimensions of Image1.Picture (thankfully). You need to stretch draw or pre-scale the image manually. Use StretchDraw, for instance. Jan 25 at 18:07
  • Could you please post an example code ? Jan 25 at 18:19
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    Just a comment regarding the first paragraph in your question, the reasoning for not using TImageList: The documentation for Vcl.Controls.TImageList says: Images in the list may be bitmaps, icons, PNG, GIF and JPEG images: any image type that TImage supports. ImageLists also support 32-bit format, so alpha blended bitmaps and PNG files work properly. Jan 25 at 18:59
  • Have you considered to use a TVirtualImageList in combination with a TImageCollection?
    – Uwe Raabe
    Jan 25 at 20:38
  • @TomBrunberg While techniically TImageList does support all the mentioned formats the main problem of TImageList is that you are limited to using only one image format at the time. So your ImageList can contain PNG's or JPG's but it cant contain both PNG's and JPG's at the same time. Now why is that? That is because TImageList internally store all the images that it contains in one big image often referred as Atlas Image. This what OP is referring when he is talking about desire of avoiding the need of converting between image formats. Jan 26 at 5:58

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Image1.Width and Image1.Height are the dimensions of the TImage control. They have nothing to do with the dimensions of the Image1.Picture.

You need to stretch-draw the image or pre-scale it.

Just a very quick and dirty example:

procedure TForm1.ListBox1DrawItem(Control: TWinControl; Index: Integer;
  Rect: TRect; State: TOwnerDrawState);

  if Control <> ListBox1 then

  if Index = -1 then

  var C := ListBox1.Canvas;

  C.Brush.Color := clWindow;
  C.Font.Color := clWindowText;

  var R := Rect;
  var S := ListBox1.Items[Index];

  var G := Image1.Picture.Graphic;

  var scale := 1.0;

  if (G.Width > 0) and (G.Height > 0) then

    var xscale := R.Width / G.Width;
    var yscale := R.Height / G.Height;
    scale := Min(xscale, yscale);

    R.Width := Round(G.Width * scale);
    R.Height := Round(G.Height * scale);

    C.StretchDraw(R, G);


  R := Rect;
  R.Left := R.Left + Round(G.Width * scale) + C.TextWidth('0');
  C.TextRect(R, S, [tfSingleLine, tfVerticalCenter, tfEndEllipsis]);


Screenshot of a form with a TImage and an owner-drawn list box using the TImage's graphic as an icon for each item.

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