I can't seem to get an external server working with Aptana Studio 3 on Windows. I am using XAMPP, and I set the Base URL to http://localhost and the Document Root to my htdocs folder in XAMPP, but it keeps saying Launch URL is not defined.


I guess you have configured the external server with the option "Use selected server" in "Run configurations". Apparently there is no way to get external servers running in Aptana Studio 3 this way (I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 using Apache and had the same problem).

Define your external server in "Use base URL" instead, don't forget to check "Append project name".

  • Strange that it doesn't work when they document it as a feature.. – David d C e Freitas Nov 9 '11 at 15:23

I got this error when my path was not correct. Also, rather than specifying the Server, I just set the Start URL to the page I want to debug. In my case the web server is IIS on Windows 7(64bit).

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