In a 32-bit VCL Application in Windows 10 in Delphi 11 Alexandria, I need to repaint a whole TListView column while resizing the column. The ListView items and subitems are being displayed with ListView.OwnerDraw.

So I subclassed the ListView to be notified when the column resizes:

TListView = class(Vcl.ComCtrls.TListView)
    FHeaderHandle: HWND;
    procedure WMNotify(var AMessage: TWMNotify); message WM_NOTIFY;
    procedure CreateWnd; override;

procedure TListView.CreateWnd;
  FHeaderHandle := ListView_GetHeader(Handle);

procedure TListView.WMNotify(var AMessage: TWMNotify);
  if (AMessage.NMHdr.hwndFrom = FHeaderHandle) and ((AMessage.NMHdr.code = HDN_ENDTRACK) or (AMessage.NMHdr.code = HDN_TRACK)) then
    TMessage(AMessage).Result := 0;
    InvalidateRect(FHeaderHandle, nil, true);
    CodeSite.Send('TListView.WMNotify: HDN_ENDTRACK');

Unfortunately, it reacts only at the END of column resizing, and not WHILE resizing the column! Also, the column is not repainted!

  • Do you want to repaint only the header at the top of the column (like the text "Description") or do you want to repaint the entire column (like 100 rows)? Jan 26 at 20:10
  • Repaint the entire column rows. I.e., doing the same as in OnDrawItem. Jan 26 at 20:16
  • "Repaint the entire column rows" - invalidating just a header item won't invalidate the whole column. You will have to do that separately by using the ListView's HWND with InvalidateRect(), specifying the rect of the column (which you will have to calculate manually using the position and width of the header item and the height of the ListView). Jan 26 at 20:20

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The issue with HDN_TRACK not being delivered is well known. A solution is to look for HDN_ITEMCHANGING instead.

Regarding the repainting issue, notice that you do

InvalidateRect(FHeaderHandle, nil, true);

This requests a repaint of the list view header. The header is a separate window, a header control, which occupies the top row of your list view and contains only the column captions.

You want to invalidate not the header, but the actual column in the list view.

Just invalidate the entire list view.

  • "Just invalidate the entire list view" - or, at least, just the rectangle of the desired column. Jan 26 at 20:23
  • @RemyLebeau: Of course. But it is probably easier to be lazy and simply redraw the whole thing. Jan 26 at 20:23
  • Replacing HDN_TRACK with HDN_ITEMCHANGING does work: Now it reacts WHILE resizing the column. However, even if I invalidate the whole ListView, the column's SubItems are not moved together with the column header: screencast.com/t/eDH03ppli Jan 26 at 20:32
  • @user1580348: That probably depends on how exactly you are drawing the items and subitems (which I don't know!). In any case, I think that's a different question. Jan 26 at 20:34
  • 1
    And if you get ellipses in your owner-drawn cells without specifying tfEndEllipsis, something is very wrong. Are you sure your code is called at all? Try to draw the text 'Cats are cute' instead of the cell's text just to see that it is actually your code that is drawing the cells! Jan 26 at 21:57

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