Is there a reference to a class property in C++Builder, analogous to a regular reference in C++? To understand what I mean, I will give the code (so far this is my solution to the problem):

    void change(TControl* object) {
      struct TAccessor : TControl { __property Text; };
      static_cast<TAccessor*>(object)->Text = L"some text";

This function allows you to change the Text property of any object inherited from TControl. But maybe there is a more elegant solution to this problem?

  • As a way of getting round the fact that TControl doesn't make the Text property accessible (derived classes that want Text property accessible must do this explicitly) I think this solution is quite elegant. But is this actually what you want to do? Strikes me as being a bit dangerous: there is probably a good reason why a designer hasn't made Text accessible.... Jan 27 at 16:01

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Your approach will update the Text of any TControl, even if it doesn't actually expose access to Text (which is declared protected in TControl itself, derived classes decide whether to promote it to public/__published as needed).

To account for that fact, you would have to use RTTI to discover if Text is accessible or not. You can also use RTTI to set the property value, without resorting to the Accessor trick.

For example, old-style RTTI (via the <TypInfo.hpp> header) works only with __published properties, nothing else, eg:

#include <TypInfo.hpp>

void change(TControl* object) {
    if (IsPublishedProp(object, _D("Text"))
        SetStrProp(object, _D("Text"), _D("some text"));


#include <TypInfo.hpp>

void change(TControl* object) {
    PPropInfo prop = GetPropInfo(object, _D("Text"), TTypeKinds() << tkUString);
    if (prop)
        SetStrProp(object, prop, _D("some text"));

Whereas newer-style Extended RTTI (via the <Rtti.hpp> header) supports fields, methods, and properties, and all the supported member visibilities, eg:

#include <Rtti.hpp>

typedef Set<TMemberVisibility, mvPrivate, mvPublished> TMemberVisibilitySet;

void change(TControl* object) {
    static const TMemberVisibilitySet WantedVisibilities = TMemberVisibilitySet() << mvPublic << mvPublished;
    TRttiContext ctx;
    TRttiType *type = ctx.GetType(object->ClassType());
    TRttiProperty* prop = type->GetProperty(_D("Text"));
    if ((prop) && (WantedVisibilities.Contains(prop->Visibility)) && (prop->IsWritable))
        prop->SetValue(object, _D("some text"));

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