I want to create this JSON text with Delphi IDE:

  "uygulamaninAdi": "ZGVuZW1l",
  "uygulamaninSurumu1": "1",
  "uygulamaninSurumu2": "0",
  "uygulamaninSurumu3": "0",
  "uygulamaninSurumu4": "0",
  "uygulamaninMimarisi": "1",
  "calistirilmaDuzeyi": "1",
  "mesajGonderebilmeDurumu": "1",
  "konum": "RDpcUHJvZ3JhbWxhbWE="

Here are my codes:

procedure TfrmManifestDosyasiOlusturucu.btnOluşturClick(Sender: TObject);
  jsGönderilecekMesaj := TJSONObject.Create;
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('uygulamaninAdi', TNetEncoding.Base64.Encode(edUygulamanınAdı.Text));
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('uygulamaninSurumu1', edUygulamanınSürümü1.Text);
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('uygulamaninSurumu2', edUygulamanınSürümü2.Text);
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('uygulamaninSurumu3', edUygulamanınSürümü3.Text);
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('uygulamaninSurumu4', edUygulamanınSürümü4.Text);
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('uygulamaninMimarisi', IntToStr(cbUygulamanınMimarisi.ItemIndex));
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('calistirilmaDuzeyi', IntToStr(cbÇalıştırılmaDüzeyi.ItemIndex));
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('mesajGonderebilmeDurumu', IntToStr(cbMesajGönderebilmeDurumu.ItemIndex));
  jsGönderilecekMesaj.AddPair('konum', TNetEncoding.Base64.Encode(edManifestDosyasınınOluşturulacağıKonum.Text));

  strKomutSatırıParametreleri := '/olustur ' + jsGönderilecekMesaj.ToString;

  ShellExecute(0, 'open', 'bin\Manifest Dosyası Oluşturucu (Yardımcı Uygulama).exe', PWideChar(strKomutSatırıParametreleri), nil, SW_HIDE);

But the problem is the Delphi IDE creates this:


As far as I know all of keys should be nested with quotes and all of string values should be nested be quotes.

How can I fix my problem?

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Try using TJSONObject.ToJSON instead of TNSONObject.ToString.

Also, JSON really isn't well-suited for passing around on the command line. If the target program expects to receive the JSON as a single parameter, and since the JSON has quotes in it and potentially also spaces, you should use AnsiQuotedStr() to add quotes around, and to escape quotes inside, of the JSON string.

  • I can encode JSON data into Base64 format in order to fix quote issue, then I pass Base64 string to other application. Then, I decode Base64 string and parse JSON data in other application. Jan 27 at 16:28
  • 1
    I really would not suggest passing the JSON via the command-line at all. Not only is it cumbersome to deal with parsing, but there are also length restrictions to be aware of, too. Since you seem to be in a position to change the target app, I would suggest either 1) saving the JSON to file and then passing the filename, or 2) establishing a pipe connection between the two apps and send the JSON over that pipe. Jan 27 at 16:37
  • Can I transfer base64 encoded json data through my own uri protocol (for example: stackoverflow://blabla) without character limit? Jan 27 at 21:54
  • Most URL handlers will receive the url over the command-line, but it is possible to receive it through DDE instead. See Registering an Application to a URI Scheme. Or, you could make the url just contain a server name or pipe name, and then have the target app connect to that server/pipe to transfer the json. Jan 27 at 22:35
  • I have created a DLL file in order to fix my problem. Thank you anyway.😊 Jan 28 at 18:51

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