I use the suite http://www.cadetill.com/gmlib_en/ to draw maps in a Windows application in Delphi.

In my project I need to use the TAG property of the TLinePoint and TPolygon objects (TLinePoint stores the polygon points).

In the procedure where I change the TAG property of TLinePoint and TPolygon objects it works perfectly without errors. But when I try to access in another procedure to check the TAG property of the objects that I changed before, only the TAG of TPolygon is recorded and the TAG of the TLinePoint object is lost as if it were read-only. All other data such as latitude and longitude of the point are recorded correctly.

I've tried everything and I believe it's an error in the original code. I don't know much about object orientation, and I've tried everything to find the problem and I can't.

Can someone help me please, I don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore.

Here is a small example of my code:

{procedure 1: create the polygon and write the TAG}

var p: TPolygon; pLP: TLinePoint; GMPolygonMap : TGMPolygon;

p:=GMPolygonMapa.Add; //Create the TPolygon index 0 and add it to the TGMPolygon object that is linked to the TGMMap object
p.Tag := 88; // polygon TAG arrow

pLP := p.AddLinePoint (lat, lng ); //create the TLinePoint index 0
pLP.Tag := 99; //point tag arrow

Here is another procedure where I check the TAG:

{procedure 2 checks the polygon TAG}

ShowMessage(GMPolygonMapa.Items[0].Tag + //here returns 88 correctly for the polygon tag
  GMPolygonMapa.Items[0].Items[0].LngToStr + //here returns the point longitude correctly
  GMPolygonMapa.Items[0].Items[0].LatToStr + //here returns the latitude of the point correctly,
  IntToStr(FMapa.Items[0].LinePoints[0].Tag) ); //here returns 0 incorrect because the point tag should return 99*



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