I want to try out this tutorial and therefore used the code from here in order to calibrate my camera. I use this image: enter image description here

The only thing I adapted was chessboard_size = (14,9) so that it matches the corners of my image. I don't know what I do wrong. I tried multiple chessboard pattern and cameras but still cv2.findChessboardCorners always fails detecting corners. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    you have a defect in your pattern. bottom, center-right. -- just use "charuco". -- also... if the printer isn't accurate enough, display the pattern on a computer screen. Jan 29 at 18:09
  • Both, suggestions are great. I will investigate charuco. Further, it seems to suffice to display the pattern on the screen. No need to print it physically.
    – NMO
    Jan 29 at 22:49
  • btw, all the aruco "examples" in opencv seem to be C++, which I would find inconvenient. if you wanna approach this with python, go ahead. the C++ sample code looks easy enough to translate and if not, I might be willing to look at specific issues. Jan 29 at 23:13

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Finally I could do it. I had to set chessboard_size = (12,7) then it worked. I had to count the internal number of horizontal and vertical corners.

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