When using react native cli to convert the Hermes tracing profile to chrome tracing profile and pull it to local machine using the command

npx react-native profile-hermes [destinationDir]

Am getting the error like this. I am using Windows 10 and react native version 0.66

'grep' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. error Error: Command failed: adb shell run-as com.madhusona ls cache/ -tp | grep -v /$ | grep -E '.cpuprofile' | head -1

I issued the command after login to adb shell, grep is working

D:\madhusona> adb shell
generic_x86:/ $ run-as com.madhusona
generic_x86:/data/user/0/com.madhusona $ ls cache/ -tp | grep -v /$ | grep -E '.cpuprofile' | head -1
generic_x86:/data/user/0/com.madhusona $

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I might have found a related Question that partially (or totally, I'm not sure) explain your problem.

I know you found a way to get around it but it still might be helpful for you or for other ;)



I figure it out using git bash. It is bundled with a number of POSIX (UNIX/Linux/etc.) utilities, such as grep. Because grep is not a Windows function, you will not be able to easily replace grep (then 'head' function) for Windows.


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