I want to run an individual group or test in the flutter throw command line for my better automation testing for a particular feature.

  • automation testing normally is done by specialized platforms like jenkins, bamboo & teamcity. Dev ops engineers job is to configure those platforms to run the CI/CD including the unit tests. Jan 31, 2022 at 15:34

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flutter test test/path/to/file --name yourGroupName

For example:

flutter test test/myApp/products_repository.dart --name getAllProducts

You can restrict dart/flutter tests to run with almost infinite granularity:

To run only a single flutter test:

flutter test --name nameOfTest

Or a group of tests:

flutter test --name nameOfGroup

Note that the string value of -n/--name is interpreted as a regular expression, so you can be as selective or general as you need for particular tests. If you want it interpreted as a plain text string, use -N instead.

And as @Eibo notes, you can restrict name/group matches to a specific file, if you happen to repeat the test name elsewhere in your project:

flutter test test/my_controller_tests.dart --name nameOfTest

You can also TAG tests within your testing code, then run tests that match that tag:

flutter test --tags chrome

eg, taken from the dart test page:

void main() {
  test('launches two browsers at once', () {
    // ...
  }, tags: ['chrome', 'firefox']);

The command line help has a great list of CLI args:

flutter test --help

The Dart test package page applies to flutter testing: https://pub.dev/packages/test

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