While connecting to Cloudsql DB via auth proxy from java application I am getting below error. Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: SSL connection required for plugin "mysql_clear_password". Check if 'sslMode' is enabled.

Not able to get through mysql docs the correct value to be set.

Has anyone faced similar issue ?

Below is the code for reference:

        String jdbcURL = String.format("jdbc:mysql://", DB_NAME);
        Properties connProps = new Properties();
        connProps.setProperty("user", DB_USER);
        connProps.setProperty("password", DB_PASSWORD);
        connProps.setProperty("cloudSqlInstance", CONNECTION_NAME);
        connProps.setProperty("authenticationPlugins ", "com.mysql.jdbc.authentication.MysqlClearPasswordPlugin");
        HikariConfig config = new HikariConfig();

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Try adding below to JDBC connection string

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In this documentation, you can find how to modify MySQL accounts. You can use an ALTER USER statement to enable authentication, SSL/TLS, resource-limit, and password-management properties for existing accounts.


Additionally, since you cannot change anything on the DB/server side, you could try to pass sslMode="REQUIRED" flag along with JDBC connection.

  • I have already followed above steps & documents :/ @Mabel A. Feb 1 at 3:46
  • @mayankagarwal have you checked this documentation? Most likely, if server isn't configured to use mysql_clear_password as a default, the user you're trying to connect with is created using IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_clear_password clause. Please check and alter user using appropriate plugin.
    – Mabel A.
    Feb 1 at 3:59
  • Yes I saw the doc. I can not change anything on the DB/server side. Is there a way to override the plugin settings on the client-side ? I am trying to override the defaultAuthNPlugin as shown here dev.mysql.com/doc/connector-j/8.0/en/… but seems not working. @Mabel A. Feb 1 at 11:56
  • @mayankagarwal have you tried to pass sslMode="REQUIRED" flag along with JDBC connection?
    – Mabel A.
    Feb 2 at 5:59

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