Installed with $ npm install @picocss/pico -D

in rollup.config.js:

import css from "rollup-plugin-css-only";

    plugins: [
        css({ output: "static/bundle.css" }),

In ./routes/__layout.svelte I have:

    import "../../node_modules/@picocss/pico/css/pico.min.css";


Just get error in UI, and no css /bundle.css exists.

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I was just working with it today. I tried this:

  import "@picocss/pico/css/pico.min.css";

I didn't get any errors with it, but didn't try anything beyond that.

In my case, I import from the CDN in the original HTML and it worked fine.


I just imported like this in +page.svelte:

    import '@picocss/pico'

You can see the linked code in action here: https://m.leftium.com/

I haven't tried importing from +layout.svelte, but I think that would work, too.

There is a Github issue comment that explains how to integrate Pico CSS with SvelteKit even more thoroughly:

Pico depends on main, footer, header being direct children of body for certain layouts, but that's not possible with sveltekit if you are doing it right.

However, pico has a $semantic-root-element variable that you can set as this element: <div style="display: contents">%sveltekit.body%</div>. So far this has fixed that for me but I haven't tried everything.

I did it like this.

<!-- app.html -->
<div id="pico-root" style="display: contents">%sveltekit.body%</div>
// variables.scss
$semantic-root-element: "div#pico-root"

// OR whever you import pico
$semantic-root-element: "div#pico-root"
@import '@picocss/pico/scss/pico';

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