I have a jsp file with 2 links which set a property lang to either en or de.
I also have a message that needs to be changed in the corresponding language either english or german.
I have the 2 property files with the codes. I made the configuration file for the locale.
I've tried different combination of classes and properties but I can never get the message changed.

This is my code:

jsp file:

Language : <a href="?lang=en">English</a>|<a href="?lang=de">German</a>
      <spring:message code="test" text="default text" />
Current Locale : ${pageContext.response.locale} ---- ${pageContext.request.locale}

applicationContext.locale.xml file: (this is imported in applicationContext.xml)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"

<bean id="messageSource"
    <property name="basename" value="WEB-INF/locale/welcome" />
    <property name="cacheSeconds" value="-1" />
    <property name="defaultEncoding" value="UTF-8"/>

<bean id="localeChangeInterceptor"
    <property name="paramName" value="lang" />

<bean id="localeResolver" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.CookieLocaleResolver">
    <property name="defaultLocale" value="en"/>

<bean id="urlMapping" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.SimpleUrlHandlerMapping">
    <property name="interceptors">
            <ref bean="localeChangeInterceptor"/>

I have 2 property files: welcome.properties and welcome_de.properties. Both have a code test and different values to it.

The problem is if I set the default Locale it will always take that. If I don't set it the locale resolver will take the locale of the request.

I can't set the locale of the response to be taken from the url parameter.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks :)


Check your code against the project you can download from the MVC Simplifications in Spring 3.0


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