Same issue, but i think it doesn't use external modules Type "SwiftClass" cannot conform to protocol "ObjcProtocol" because it has requirements that cannot be satisfied. In my issue I can't import SwiftProject-Swift.h into bridging header, because swift and objc both see SwiftProject types.

Xcode appears errors like:

  • For overriding existing methods

Method does not override any method from its superclass

  • For implementing ObjcProtocol

Type 'ObjcProtocolImpl' cannot conform to protocol 'ObjcProtocol' because it has requirements that cannot be satisfied

  • For calling existing methods

Incorrect argument label in call (have 'withSwiftPack:', expected 'withSwift:')

In a short, swift don't see few objc method from class ObjcClass.

Repository of example - https://github.com/Willianlike/SwiftObjcInterop

File in repository, which contains commented uncompiled lines - https://github.com/Willianlike/SwiftObjcInterop/blob/main/SwiftObjcInterop/SwiftObjcInterop/ViewController.swift

In the ObjcClass interface declared few methods which uses Swift classes in signatures from SwiftObjcInterop project, SwiftPack as swift package, SwiftProject as dynamic library and Alamofire as swift package. But in a swift code only accessible method which uses SwiftObjcInterop swift class.

Also here is created ObjcClassSwiftChild and using this class in objc is totally correct, but swift code doesn't see few methods which is commented in ViewController.swift.

QUESTION is: Why swift doesn't see full objc signature.


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