I noticed something strange on my sent mails today. Someone must have injected a crack.How do i solve this matter? Below is the content of the mail:

From: [email protected]

Subject: LARAVEL SMTP CRACK | HOST: mail.wokforge.com To: [email protected]

Success Send, BY XCATZE

URL :http://129.159.148.xx/.env

HOST :mail.wokforge.com

PORT :587

USER :[email protected]

PASSW :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SENDER :[email protected]


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Turn off debug mode


source: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-smtp-crack


Xcatze was made by me To crack smtps From websites with laravel method But you can Secure yourself by Delete env file or rename it and Turn off Debug mode..


Answered - but adding a comment.

Leaving Laravel in debug mode exposes the error debug screen - so anyone out in the internet can trigger and exception on your website and view all the configuration variables.

An easy way to trigger an exception is to send a POST request to a GET route.

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