With an existing Step Functions definition JSON file, how can I use it directly in CDK to create a Step Function?

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Use the L1 CfnStateMachine construct. It has a definitionString prop that accepts a stringified JSON definition.


Here is the code snippet if it is useful to anyone.

  private createStepFunction(props: {
    stepfunction_name: string;
    stepfunctions_role_arn: string;
  }): stepfunctions.CfnStateMachine {
    const file = fs.readFileSync("../step_functions/definition.asl.json");

    const stepFunction = new stepfunctions.CfnStateMachine(
        roleArn: props.stepfunctions_role_arn,
        definitionString: file.toString(),
        stateMachineName: props.stepfunction_name,

    return stepFunction;

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