I have an .NET console app using WinSCP assembly version 5.19.5. The app is under impersonation in order to access files on NAS so that I set ExecutableProcessUserName and ExecutableProcessPassword for the Session object.

Dim sessionOptions As New SessionOptions
With sessionOptions
    .Protocol = Protocol.Sftp
    .HostName = _SFTPServer
    .UserName = _SFTPLoginID
    .Password = _SFTPLoginPwd
    .PortNumber = _SFTPPort
End With

sessionOptions.SshHostKeyFingerprint =
    session.ScanFingerprint(sessionOptions, "SHA-256")

Using session As New Session
    session.ExecutableProcessUserName = _ServiceAccountUsername
    session.ExecutableProcessPassword =

It fails at session.Open with error:

The stub received bad data Any ideas? Thanks


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It seems that you need to specify the domain:
Stub received bad data?

session.ExecutableProcessUserName = "user@domain";

Side note: Setting SessionOptions.SshHostKeyFingerprint to the value returned by session.ScanFingerprint is just an ineffective equivalent of SshHostKeyPolicy.GiveUpSecurityAndAcceptAny.

  • One thing, when creating a C# class library - .NET framework 4.8 it works fine with ExecutableProcessUserName and ExecutableProcessPassword. But if it is a C# class library - .NET Standard 2.0, can't even find them in the Session class. So my question is how to achieve the same executable impersonation under .NET Standard?
    – Charline
    Mar 18 at 10:04
  • @Charline If you cannot see Session class, than you have a bigger problem than the impersonation. Anyway the impersonation is currently not supported in the .NET Standard version of WinSCP .NET assembly. Mar 18 at 11:27
  • OK, that makes sense. Any plan to add support of impersonation for .NET Standard?
    – Charline
    Mar 18 at 14:14

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