Eveytime i try npm install i go this errors it is a boilerplate project is downloaded from : https://aspnetboilerplate.com/Templates. I cant generate node_modules folder or start the server it s only on these boilerpart projects.any suggestions please im really tired. here is a screenshot of the issue issue Screenshot

also here is some versions of my environment:

npm: '8.3.1',node: '16.14.0',Angular CLI: 13.2.3

>   Package                      Version
> ------------------------------------------------------ @angular-devkit/architect    0.1302.3 (cli-only) @angular-devkit/core 
> 13.2.3 (cli-only) @angular-devkit/schematics   13.2.3 (cli-only) @schematics/angular          13.2.3 (cli-only)
  • I tried downloading their template and got the same error so it's not just you.
    – Rocky Sims
    Feb 10 at 1:33
  • Are you sure you want to be using asp.net? Angular and asp.net are not normally things I'd think of together.
    – Rocky Sims
    Feb 10 at 1:34
  • @RockySims yes i have to .. it s actually not my choice it was the choice of the boss where im passing my internship for now :/ im like 11 hours searching on this issue cant find solution :/
    – Dr.Dev1998
    Feb 10 at 1:38

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The problem solved ! .It was after running npm install --legacy-peer-deps before getting the error again,a bunch of warnings were shown telling me that the project must use

npm version : 6.11.0 and node version >=14.0 so i had to switch into those older versions and it s done .


Looks like that template is expecting you to use yarn (not npm). You need to get yarn and then, in the terminal (instead of npm install), you do yarn to install the packages.

By the way, the tip off that it's expecting you to use yarn is the presence of the yarn.lock file.

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