I included

PREFIX = /usr/local

inside my project file and then I run

qmake myproject.pro

The makefile doesn't say anything about PREFIX though so I assume that i'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?


PREFIX doesn't mean anything in qmake files. The target for files is done via the target parameter. So if you want to make PREFIX determine the base location, such as /usr/local, you can do do something like this:

isEmpty(PREFIX) {
 PREFIX = /usr/local
TARGET = myapp

The isEmpty(PREFIX) will allow it to be changed during the command line call to qmake, e.g.

qmake PREFIX=/opt
  • Why use the manually defined PREFIX variable when there is a standard INSTALL_ROOT for this? They serve the same purpose, don't they? Or maybe I'm missing something? – John Doe Apr 12 '20 at 18:09
  • 1
    This allows you to change the default INSTALL_ROOT plus cross platform issues. You can look at this question for example for details. Note that this is almost a decade ago so times might have changed. – Tatu Lahtela Apr 13 '20 at 5:36

That is INSTALL_ROOT variable on install, try
make install INSTALL_ROOT="your path"


If you like to pass PREFIX to qmake, so you can do as follow:

  • Open Projects from left pan or using Ctrl+5 key
  • Expand Build Steps
  • Add PREFIX=/your/path/ into Additional arguments field

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