Can anyone tell me why am I getting this error?

The current Dart SDK version is 2.12.0.

Because app requires SDK version >=2.15.1 <3.0.0, version solving failed.
pub get failed (1; Because app requires SDK version >=2.15.1 <3.0.0, version solving failed.)

here is my flutter --version

Flutter 2.10.1 • channel stable • https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git
Framework • revision db747aa133 (2 days ago) • 2022-02-09 13:57:35 -0600
Engine • revision ab46186b24
Tools • Dart 2.16.1 • DevTools 2.9.2

  • Just change the sdk version in your pubspec.yaml to the requested version. Your pubspect should have something like this sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0" is change to this sdk: ">=2.15.1 <3.0.0".
    – Chance
    Feb 11 at 13:50

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You should not update the dart version of this project, please open pubspec.yaml file and update

environment: sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0"


environment: sdk: ">=2.16.0 <3.0.0"


I think you should update dart version, can upgrade dart version this link


like @Yasin Ege says, dart need to upgrade in order to use:

flutter channel <channel to update master or beta>
flutter upgrade

Run flutter upgrade, after run flutter pub get


you can resolve this error by changing : flutter_lints: ^2.0.0 To flutter_lints: ^1.0.0 in pubspace.yaml.

flutter channel <master or beta>
flutter upgrade

But if you check dart --version is the version that matches the version the project requires and still get the error "version solving failed." like this.

enter image description here

flutter clean
flutter channel <master or beta>
flutter upgrade --force

When prompting your command just use flutter pub add ... instead of dart


Go pubspec.yaml and edit minimun to your dart version

From environment: sdk: ">=2.15.1 <3.0.0"

To environment: sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0"


I have had the same issue. Go to pubspec.yaml and change then make it :

  sdk: '>=2.15.1 <3.0.0'

No need to upgrade flutter if you are already in the latest version. Just do this and I hope this will work.

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