I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro OS to Monterey and the Box folder/link which was formerly located in my home directory appears to have vanished. I can still see the Box folder as a "Location" in Finder and access files, but I can not use the Terminal/CLI to easily copy files to Box without using the Folder (which is annoying). With OneDive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox the links still exist - just not Box. Moreover, the "Get Info" button is useless, telling me the path to Box is "Box" although there is no /Box , /mnt/Box, /Volumes/Box etc...

Looking for a possible Path I can use has been frustrating, there is: /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Box but there is not a nice file system there I can use. /Applications/Box.app is just the application...

I'm assuming my cache of Box documents still exists locally as a FileSystem, but I have no idea where which I find infuriating.

Any information appreciated.

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Found it, path location is: /Users/$USER/Library/CloudStorage/Box-Box

Not sure how I missed this earlier or what happened to the link.


After the above, you can simply create a symbolic link in your home directory via the ln command: ln -s source_file symbolic_link. For example,

ln -s /Users/YourUserName/Library/CloudStorage/Box-Box Box

After, Box will be displayed in your home directory as a symbolic link, and you will be able to change into the directory without having to memorize the whole path.

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