It is an odd behaviour seen only on Solaris that when I try to copy a symbolic link with the "cp -R -P" command to some other folder with a different name, it copies the entire directory/file it's pointing to.

For example:

link -> dir

cp -R -P link folder/new_link

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I believe the "-d" argument is what you need.

As per the cp man page:

-d     same as --no-dereference --preserve=link


cp -d -R -P link folder/new_link

I was using "cp -d" and that worked for me.


The cp man page seems to say that you want to use an '-H' to preserve symlinks within the source directory.


You might consider copying via tar, like tar -cf - srcdir|(cd somedir;tar -xf -)


Try using cpio (with the -p (pass) option) or the old tar in a pipe trick.

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