I am really intrigued by the field of computer vision and the potential it has. Are there any examples (preferably implemented in .NET) which I can study along with a reference book?


OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) is the most popular library, and it has been wrapped for C#:


Some discussion about this wrapper and the library in general is here:



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Sample Vision Code


Stack Overflow Questions

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While the OpenCV library is interesting to use, it doesn't offer a lot of transparency as you learn. If you're interested in actually learning about the field, I would recommend looking into low-level image processing libraries and implementing your own Computer Vision applications. Once you've coded your own basic CV applications, using the OpenCV library becomes a lot easier. I would suggest the following topics to advance quickly through the basics:

  • sobel operators for edge detection
  • trying your hand at color segmentation
  • reconstructing 3d information from stereo images using disparity maps

Here's a site with some good test images (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cil/v-images.html).

I also found a good resource of course slides that cover the majority of these topics at (http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~tpp/G5BVIS/lectures.html)

Happy hacking =)

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Here's a large collection of code, toolkits, and apps you might find useful


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You could start by looking at some of the similar questions on this site:

I can also look at these two sites:

The sites provide information, tutorials and code examples, even though they are not actively maintained anymore.

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There is the OpenCV project on sourceforge with a book that you can get as well. You can see it here. However, that is not a .NET solution it is C

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I recommend Open Computer Vision Library. It's much spoken of and looks promising. It even has an O'Reilly accompanying book :)

The Open Computer Vision Library has > 500 algorithms, documentation and sample code for real time computer vision. Tutorial documentation is in O'Reilly Book

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I've done a bit of work with SIFT in the recent past and it seems to be a rather interesting modern algorithm for feature detection, which is one of the major (and perhaps more advanced) topics within machine vision. Someone has written a C# library for SIFT with a pretty nice example that can automatically stitch together separate photographs of the same scene. Admittedly, this isn't a very complete answer, and I can't recommend a reference book, but hopefully it should be of some use to you anyway...

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The AForge.NET library is pretty good and is written in C#, with the source available here.

Supported features are:

  • AForge.Imaging - library with image processing routines and filters;
  • AForge.Vision - computer vision library;
  • AForge.Neuro - neural networks computation library;
  • AForge.Genetic - evolution programming library;
  • AForge.Fuzzy - fuzzy computations library;
  • AForge.MachineLearning - machine learning library;
  • AForge.Robotics - library providing support of some robotics kits;
  • AForge.Video - set of libraries for video processing etc.

The algorithms are maybe not as cutting edge/academic as some of the other answers but a lot of the engineering problems taken care of (getting video into your application, etc).

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