I am using easy excel api group: 'com.alibaba', name: 'easyexcel', version: '3.0.3' to set the cell color, this is the main.java code:

public class AppStarter {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SparkUserExcelRequest request = new SparkUserExcelRequest();
        String writePathName = "/Users/dolphin/source/dabai/microservice/soa-zhuolian-org/";
        String fullPathName = writePathName  + "a.xlsx";
        if (!new File(writePathName).exists()) {
            new File(writePathName).mkdirs();
        ExcelWriterBuilder writerBuilder = EasyExcel.write(fullPathName, SparkUserExcelRequest.class);
        writerBuilder.registerWriteHandler(new CellStyleWriteHandler());
        ExcelWriter writer = writerBuilder.build();
        WriteSheet writeSheet = new WriteSheet();
        writer.write(Arrays.asList(request), writeSheet);

this is the class which change the cell color:

public class CellStyleWriteHandler extends AbstractCellStyleStrategy {

    protected void setContentCellStyle(Cell cell, Head head, Integer relativeRowIndex) {
        Workbook workbook = cell.getSheet().getWorkbook();
        CellStyle cellStyle = workbook.createCellStyle();

and this is the entity class:

public class SparkUserExcelRequest implements Serializable {

    @ExcelProperty("user name")
    private String nickname;

when I run this code, this cell color did not changed to light blue, why the cell color set failed? what should I do to fix this problem? I want the test cell color changed to blue.

enter image description here

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I tried your code, and the color did not change. Tried to downgrade your easyexcel version to 2.2.11 should fix this problem.You could add an issue to make sure is it a bug.

api group: 'com.alibaba', name: 'easyexcel', version: '2.2.11'

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