In my react native application I need to add + and - buttons in settings screen to increase or decrease the font size in the entire app when we click on those buttons from settings screen.Any help would be appreciated.

  • This is a broad question, at high level You need to manage font-size value globally via Context API or Redux, then use that value when you define TextInput font size. Feb 14 at 14:03

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one way to make this is to create a state and update the fontsize on style


const [fontSize, setFontSize] = useState(14);

    return (
      <p style={{fontSize: `${fontSize}px`}}>
         My text
      <button onChange={() => setFontSize(fontSize + 1)}>More</button>
      <button onChange={() => setFontSize(fontSize - 1)}>Less</button>

to make this you can set this fontSize at top level.

another way to make this is add any CSS lib and set the same state in a global CSS using the * on css

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