Here is my file structure and requirements.txt:

Here is my file structure and requirements.txt

Getting ModuleNotFoundError, any help will be appreciated.


from fastapi import FastAPI
from .import models
from .database import engine
from .routers import ratings


app = FastAPI()


  • Please include the relevant details in your post and not as an image. ModuleNotFound indicates that the relevant module has not been installed in the interpreter you're trying to use. How have you installed the modules? What does pip freeze running in the environment for your Python interpreter say? How have you configured your Python environment?
    – MatsLindh
    Feb 14 at 14:12
  • Hello @MatsLindh thanks for reply! I have added main.py file, you can take a look. I am using pip install so i have installed fastapi like: pip install fastapi, i have created virtualenv like: virtualenv env, pip freeze outputs the same installs as requirements.txt Feb 14 at 14:15

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The error comes from the fact that you were not using the right environment and python version on VSCODE. Your environment knew your different packages, but VSCode probably did not take them into account.

The solution was, in VSCODE: CTRL + SHIFT + P then Python:select interpreter and choose the version of python linked to your environment.

You can try to change the version of python to see the consequences on your imports

  • Thanks for the answer. Hmm.. when i started project in another direcory everything worked properly. Should i select python enterpreter everytime i open the vscode? I think that's very repetitive Feb 14 at 16:13
  • No, usually it is necessary to select manually when we manipulate different environments, or when deleting an environment, creating a new git repo with a new environment via the VScode terminal, etc... This is not an action to be done usually, VScode takes care of it automatically, but sometimes it is necessary to do it manually.
    – fchancel
    Feb 14 at 16:55
  • Thanks ! I did not count on it Feb 14 at 17:12

Try this to install all dependencies:

$ pip install "fastapi[all]"
  • same error. fastapi is included in env. i am buildin application with microservices i have like 5 simillar projects and only this one is throwing error, i am little bit confused Feb 14 at 14:33

Try this :

python -m pip install fastapi uvicorn[standard]

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