I have a CQRS/Eventsourcing architecture with 3 microservices. I implemented 2 microservices with vert.x 4 and I implemented CQRS/Eventsourcing without framework to improve my knowledge of this type of architecture. For the third microservice I would like to use AxonIq Framework but I have a problem with Aggregate annotation because it's not avalaible with vert.x but only with Spring. I implemented a Spring microservice using Axon and everything work fine but I would like to know if someone can help me for use vert.x with AxonIq ? If anyone know a workaround for this problem ?


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Axon Farmework provide something called Configuration API. You can have a look at the Configuration class but for making use of it, you need a Configurer, which will provide you all means of configuring your components!

On the ref-guide, you also have several examples of how to do the configuration using the API or Srring Boot. Example for Commands can be found here.

To help a bit more, I can also share a small project I made using Dropwizard and Axon Framework, meaning no Spring was used and all the Configuration was done through the API. You can find it here https://github.com/lfgcampos/axon-playground/tree/master/chat-getting-started-dropwizard

  • FWIW, I don't think Axon and Vert.x will work all that well together. Vert.x is an asynchronous framework, while as best as I can tell, Axon is entirely synchronous. You'd have to wrap all your blocking calls to Axon APIs in executeBlocking calls to keep them from blocking the Vert.x event loop. Even that may not handle all use-cases (like implementing an Axon Command Handler)
    – dano
    Feb 17, 2022 at 18:15
  • 1
    The argument "Axon is entirely synchronous" is incorrect, by the way. Nonetheless, being mindful of Vert.x's approach when using Axon's message-driven solution is a fair recommendation. When Axon Framework is or is not synchronous, very much depends on the infrastructure configuration. Thus, the chosen buses and gateways for commands, events, and queries.
    – Steven
    Feb 21, 2022 at 9:34

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