After updating from androidx.camera:camera-view:1.0.0-alpha32 to androidx.camera:camera-view:1.1.0-beta01 I receive the next error when using CameraX

camerax_version = "1.0.2"

// CameraX
implementation "androidx.camera:camera-core:$camerax_version"
implementation "androidx.camera:camera-camera2:$camerax_version"
implementation "androidx.camera:camera-lifecycle:$camerax_version"
implementation "androidx.camera:camera-view:1.1.0-beta01"


java.lang.IllegalStateException: CameraX is not configured properly. The most likely cause is you did not include a default implementation in your build such as 'camera-camera2'.
    at androidx.camera.core.CameraX.<init>(CameraX.java:109)
    at androidx.camera.lifecycle.ProcessCameraProvider.getOrCreateCameraXInstance(ProcessCameraProvider.java:181)
    at androidx.camera.lifecycle.ProcessCameraProvider.getInstance(ProcessCameraProvider.java:167)

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It fails because you have different versions for the various androidx.camera.* libraries.

If you check this:

It has the following description:

From 1.1.0-beta01, all CameraX libraries will align the same version number. This will help developers track versions much easier and reduce the complexity of large version compatibility matrix.

So you need to use the same version for ALL camerax libraries.

  • Could not find androidx.camera:camera-view:1.0.2 if using camerax_version = "1.0.2" for all deps
    – user924
    Feb 17 at 13:06
  • 5
    so I guess I need to use 1.1.0-beta01 for all libraries
    – user924
    Feb 17 at 13:07

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