I have created a folder in specs/convo/audiodirectory, which contains some .wav files. Then I have a convo file which looks like this:

Utterance hit's relevant intent

MEDIA audiodirectory/*.wav

INTENT RelevantIntent

My botium.json looks like this:

  "botium": {
    "Capabilities": {
      "PROJECTNAME": "Botium Project Lex",
      "CONTAINERMODE": "lex",
      "LEX_VERSION": "V2",
      "LEX_LOCALE": "en_GB",
      "LEX_ACCEPT": "audio/pcm",
      "USER_INPUTS": [
          "ref": "MEDIA",
          "src": "MediaInput",
          "args": {
            "downloadMedia": true

However, when I run botium-cli run, I receive an error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users[REDACTED]\botium-cli-test\specs\convo\audiodirectory*.wav'

I am following this part of the docs for reference: https://botium-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/05_botiumscript/index.html#media

Where am I going wrong here?

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I needed to use the botium-bindings node module. There is a post on the Botium forums with the answer here:

Answer found here https://forum.botium.ai/t/how-can-i-use-wildcards-for-audio-media-in-convo-file-in-botium/319

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