I would like to integrate MassTransit with Aspnetboilerplate project to use RabbitMQ as distributed event bus. Then potentially look to integrate Azure Service bus.

I am struggling in how to create a simple Eventbus and implement register and subscribe. Unfortunately I cannot find any good examples of this being done.

I can use the Aspnetboilerplate EventBus without any issues. An example of what I am looking to achieve is the following:

 // subscribe to an event
var ev  = EventBus.Register<T>(eventInfo =>
   // do something with evInfo.Data

// publish and event
private readonly IEventBus _eventBus;
_eventBus.TriggerAsync(new T());

I do not want to use the Abp framework due to licensing restriction on LGPL. The company that I work for will not accept this type of licenses in any of there internal products

Any advice or any article implementing something similar would be great.

UPDATE 1 As Chris pointed out lots of great videos and documentation and good to see for a great library.

Although I cannot seem to find any documentation how to implement a Generic Consumer / Request Client.

// Example of a consumer
public class ManagerResultConsumer<T>: BaseConsumer<ManagerResult<T>>
    public override Task Consume(ConsumeContext<ManagerResult<T>> context)
        return base.Consume(context);

// configure the service / consumers and clients
services.AddMediator(configurator =>


I am trying to ensure I do not have register lots of concrete implementations at start up, similar to SubmitOrder and SubmitOrderConsumer.


  • You can't have generic consumers, all types must closed. Feb 25 at 15:56

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I'd suggest looking through MassTransit's documentation, watching the myriad of YouTube videos, and checking out the samples showing how to build applications with MassTransit.

  • Thank you will do appreciate the links
    – KeithMac
    Feb 23 at 17:38
  • Added an update to the existing problem after reading the documentation / videos
    – KeithMac
    Feb 25 at 14:07

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