I'm trying to set up Prometheus-to-Prometheus metrics flow, I was able to do it by flag --enable-feature=remote-write-receiver.

However I need to have mTLS there, can someone advice a manual or post a config sample?

Appreciate you help

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There is a second config file with experimental options related to HTTP server, and it has options to enable TLS:

  # Certificate and key files for server to use to authenticate to client.
  cert_file: <filename>
  key_file: <filename>

  # Server policy for client authentication. Maps to ClientAuth Policies.
  # For more detail on clientAuth options:
  # https://golang.org/pkg/crypto/tls/#ClientAuthType
  # NOTE: If you want to enable client authentication, you need to use
  # RequireAndVerifyClientCert. Other values are insecure.
  client_auth_type: RequireAndVerifyClientCert # default = "NoClientCert"

  # CA certificate for client certificate authentication to the server.
  client_ca_file: <filename>

The documentation on this file is located at the HTTPS AND AUTHENTICATION article. Note that after creating this file, you have to start Prometheus with the extra option:


The above is to be configured on the receiving part. The sending part needs a client TLS certificate configured in its remote_write:

- url: https://prometheus.example.com
    # https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/configuration/configuration/#tls_config
    cert_file: <filename>
    key_file: <filename>

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