So i am trying to get started with riverpod and creating a new flutter project with the "click and counter" default sample. As soon as I add on the pubspec

flutter_hooks: ^0.18.0
hooks_riverpod: ^2.0.0


import 'package:hooks_riverpod/hooks_riverpod.dart';

I get this error on the debug console and can't figure it out what is the problem

: Error: Method not found: 'Error.throwWithStackTrace'.
  Error.throwWithStackTrace(error, chain);
: Error: A non-null value must be returned since the return type 'Never' doesn't allow null.
Never _rethrowProviderError(Object error, StackTrace stackTrace) {
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    Can you provide minimal-reproducible-example Feb 24 at 13:08
  • @YeasinSheikh The fact is that i have written zero code. Just created a new flutter project in VSCode and it starts with the template of a counter app which works just fine in emulator and device. as soon as I install riverpod as mentioned in their docs that error shows up and I can't find where it comes from. No extra dependencies or code added. Also tried with a flutter clean and pub get and still nothing I can track to see where the error comes from. Thanks
    – monkeygoat
    Feb 24 at 13:52

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Error.throwWithStackTrace was added in Dart 2.16 (Flutter version 2.10 from Feb 8, 2022).


(Check the @Since annotation.)

If your Flutter/Dart version is below that, you'll get the error you saw.

Two options that may help are:

  1. Specify an exact version of dependencies (don't use ^ ahead of version)
  2. upgrade Flutter/Dart to at least 2.10/2.16
flutter upgrade

If your problematic package (hooks_riverpod: ^2.0.0 in your case) is listed with ^, it'll use the latest version that doesn't break dependencies.

I'm guessing that when you created a new project and used that same dependency version, upon initial pub get it downloaded a newer version of the package (or a newer version of a dependency that that package uses) into "pub cache" which is relying on the new Error API method.

Your project will store this information in:


The min Dart SDK version listed for the package should normally have changed from 2.12 to 2.16. (update: it's been updated now) This would give us a hint that we need to update our Flutter/Dart if we see our build failing.

In an earlier version of this answer, I noted that the ^ prefix on package dependency versions is supposed to prevent these types of issues, but I'm no longer certain it was meant to cover this situation where the underlying platform needs to be updated (as opposed to a breaking change in the API of the package itself).

Anyways, at first glance, it might make sense to go from 2.0.0 to 3.0.0 for a package version # when it depends on a new core Dart API method that did not exist when 2.0.0 was published.


The author of riverpod also wrote the new API for Error.throwWithStackTrace so likely the latest version of hooks_riverpod is using the latest API changes. (The version you're listing 2.0.0 is pre-release currently). You could try earlier versions of riverpod in your pubspec.yaml (such as 1.0.3)

  • flutter upgrade worked for me. I was using 2.8.1 and upgraded to 2.10.2 Feb 25 at 6:51
  • Thanks, exactly what was happening. It sure seemed like an "error" on their part, but I am more likely to make mistakes
    – monkeygoat
    Feb 25 at 10:23

for anyone facing " Method not found: 'Error.throwWithStackTrace' " with firebase. try to add this to your pubspec.yaml

  firebase_messaging_platform_interface: 3.1.6
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I saw this.

How about trying flutter pub upgrade?

If it is not resolved, then check analyzer version and check which dependency locks that.


As noted in Baker's answer, Error.throwWithStackTrace was recently added in Dart 2.16.

If you're getting an error about Error.throwWithStackTrace not being found for some package, the package author neglected to update their package's minimum Dart SDK version. You should report that to the package maintainer. In the meantime, you should use an earlier version of the problematic package or use a newer version of the Dart SDK.


Try running flutter upgrade

By this it will upgrade your flutter and dart SDK version and hope it resolves your issue


if you are still facing the issues after "flutter upgrade" or you use this line of code in pubspec.yaml

    firebase_messaging_platform_interface: 3.1.6

you receive this type of errors

java.lang.AssertionError: annotationType(): unrecognized Attribute name MODULE (class com.sun.tools.javac.util.UnsharedNameTable$NameImpl)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.util.Assert.error(Assert.java:133)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.code.TypeAnnotations.annotationType(TypeAnnotations.java:231)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.code.TypeAnnotations$TypeAnnotationPositions.separateAnnotationsKinds(TypeAnnotations.java:294)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.code.TypeAnnotations$TypeAnnotationPositions.visitMethodDef(TypeAnnotations.java:1066)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.tree.JCTree$JCMethodDecl.accept(JCTree.java:778)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.tree.TreeScanner.scan(TreeScanner.java:49)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.code.TypeAnnotations$TypeAnnotationPositions.scan(TypeAnnotations.java:275)
    at com.sun.tools.javac.tree.TreeScanner.scan(TreeScanner.java:57)

so Try to upgrade your gradle version, this line in your build.gradle

classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.1.0'

after doing that it may be possible it ask you to change your gradle-wrapper.properties




also upgarde this packages

firebase_core: ^1.10.0
firebase_messaging: ^11.1.0

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