I made login page and now i'm trying to replace simple user.js to Sqlite Database (react-native-sqlite-storage). When i launch my project with database, i get this error.

enter image description here

My Code

import {openDatabase} from 'react-native-sqlite-storage';
var db = openDatabase({name : 'UserDatabase.db'});
const SignInScreen = ({navigation}) => {
const [userName, setuserName] = useState();
const [userContact, setuserContact] = useState();
const [userAddress, setuserAddress] = useState();
let register_user = () =>
    console.log(userName, userContact, userAddress);
        'INSERT INTO table_user(user_name, user_name, user_password) VALUES(?, ?,?)',
    [userName, userContact, userAddress],
    (tx, result) =>
    {console.log('Result', result.rowAffected);
    if (result.rowAffected > 0)
    onPress: () => navigation.navigate('HomeScreen')
//And Button
  onPress={() => {register_user}}
    <Text> Check //Here linegradient 1)</Text>
  • What's the Question? Console.log(db) please.
    – Gismo1337
    Feb 27 at 7:06
  • @Gismo1337 , I can't connect sqlite properly, despite the guides, that i watched... Question is about a possibility, why that happen. "Consoloe.log" - i create database like const db = SQLite.openDatabase( { name : 'MainDb', location : 'default', }, ()=> {}, error => {console.log(error)} ); But when the page is rendering, i get 2 errors (error above and "main" has not been registered). I try to use SqliteWeb, but i stuck in async reading. In general i try to create database and a table in page and i get this 2 errors, don't have idea, how to deal with this..
    – Tanatoz
    Feb 27 at 8:37
  • Console.log(db) please
    – Gismo1337
    Feb 27 at 9:45

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The problem consist from creating connection in separate file (must be create in App).

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