Exception in thread "main" org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'org.springframework.aop.aspectj.AspectJPointcutAdvisor#0': Instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.BeanInstantiationException: Could not instantiate bean class [org.springframework.aop.aspectj.AspectJPointcutAdvisor]: Constructor threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Pointcut is not well-formed: expecting 'name pattern' at character position 49 execution(*com.idol.performers.Performer.perform(..)

What is wrong with my pointcut? In book it says that

(..) // means taking any arguments

my xml:

<aop:before pointcut="execution(*com.idol.performers.Performer.perform(..))" method="takeSeats"/>

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Try this:

<aop:before pointcut="execution(* com.idol.performers.Performer.perform(..))" method="takeSeats"/>

The issue is that you have no space between * and com.idol.performers.Performer.perform(..)

  • Sometimes parsing errors can lead to obscure messages. In this case, it thought the * wildcard was a part of com.idol.performers.Performer.perform, meaning it was expecting that type as the return type, rather than just the *. Then it suggests that before it sees a '(', that it needs to have a 'name pattern' meaning the method name. That is why the space is necessary and that is really want it was trying to say, the best way that it could. Aug 20, 2011 at 0:47

There should be space between * and com.idol.performers.Performer.perform(..)

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