I have a consul server running on https://dev.example.com/ on which I store configurations as below:

consul key name = dev

consul key value = some yaml data

kubernetes configMap value some yaml data --> ( this is in sync with consul data )

what I want to do is as soon as I change something in some yaml data, the values should be automatically reflected in configMap and pod should be reloaded automatically to capture new values.

I have tried envconsul but it only picks keys with one value.

I tried consul-template but did not find any good working example.

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Take a look at https://github.com/Trendyol/trendyol-consul-template-injector. It allows you to inject consul-template as a sidecar to your pod, and will generate files from templates that are provided in a ConfigMap. Your application will need to monitor this generated file, and reload itself when the file changes.

See https://medium.com/trendyol-tech/configuration-and-secret-management-with-consul-template-on-kubernetes-dcc4c6695142 for a more detailed blog post explaining why this was built and how it works.

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