In our project, we used Angular Formly to generate complex forms (with complex grouping). I checked the component documentation, but I couldn't find any sample or solution for finding the first editable component (like a textbox) and set the focus on it when the form or component is loaded.

  • You can just pass focus: true to your FormlyFieldConfig of your first element in the array.
    – penleychan
    Commented Mar 1, 2022 at 3:10

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When we want to check a "group of any" It's util use a directive. A Directive with a selector of formControl and formControlName like

  selector: '[formControl], [formControlName]'
export class InputDirective {

  constructor(private controlDir: NgControl,private el:ElementRef) { }


Give access to all the "inputs" control by a FormControlName or a FormControl

In our form, we can get all of them using viewChildren

@ViewChildren(InputDirective) inputs:QueryList<InputDirective>

And in ngAfterViewInit we can make some like

   const input=this.inputs?this.inputs.find(x=>x.controlDir.enabled):null
   if (input)

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