I am new to Docker and trying to run an open-source Django application with Docker Desktop for Windows.

Command docker container ls shows the application is running, and the service is listening on port

What IP address should I use on the Windows host to access this service? I appreciate your help.

docker container ls

1f2c70d56d48   saleor-platform_api          "python manage.py ru…"   23 minutes ago   Up 23 minutes>8000/tcp

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As you can see here:>8000

Docker is mapping the port 8000 of your container to the port 8000 of the host. Therefore, to send a request to the container, you need to make a request to localhost:8000 from the host (Windows in your case).

  • Thank you, @Tedpac. The mapping part is an especially useful background introduction to me.
    – James
    Mar 1, 2022 at 5:22

You would use port 8000 and host as either localhost or or

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