Given a connection to the PostgreSQL database for user 'Alice', is there a statement that could be executed to switch to user 'Bob'?

Motivation: Looking to avoid having separate pools for each user (i.e. re-use a connection that was previously used by another user).

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You could do set role bob;, but for that to work alice must have been granted bob. Note that a non-cooperating user could just set the role back to alice again if they wanted to.

  • thank you -- someone I know had suggested that but I missed some subtly in the docs. Mar 2, 2022 at 11:16

In PgAdmin open part Login/Group roles. Right click and in opened window enter new user, set permission and defined password. After refresh you will see e.g. Alice in Login/Group roles. After that open database with logged user. Click on something like mondial/postgres@PostgresSQL (db/user@server) and choose new connection. Chose which db wish to use and user wich will be connected on db.

After that you will have mondial/Alice@PostgresSQL

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