I have prometheus container running on docker . I want to add a rule file in which i precise the rules .

This is my prometheus.yml file under c://mypath , I use this path in the commande to run the container by adding -v

enter image description here

enter image description here

i have in the same path a file rules.yml , but every time when i launch prometheus i can't find the rules in rules tab .

can anyone please help on how to configure rules in prometheus.yml when prometheus is running on docker .

the same config just work for me when i m using a simple localhost and not a container .

Thank you all !

  • This the commande i use it to run my prometheus container : docker run -d --name prometheus -p 9123:9090 -v D:/prometheusVolumeDocker/prometheus.yml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml bitnami/prometheus Commented Mar 5, 2022 at 0:24

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You have only mounted prometheus.yml into /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml but not rules.yml into container.

Can you also mount your rules.yml into same path of container and try ?

docker run -d --name prometheus -p 9123:9090 -v D:/prometheusVolumeDocker/prometheus.yml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml -v D:/prometheusVolumeDocker/rules.yml:/etc/prometheus/rules.yml bitnami/prometheus


Edit the prometheus.yml file and under the rule_files use this path instead

 - "/etc/prometheus/alert.rules.yml"

and mount rules.yml in the docker command

-v path\to\config\alert.yml:/etc/prometheus/alert.rules.yml

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