I have list of phone number (25million) I want to use that list as input file. Lets say that I have email phone database and I want to only extract phone number that available in input file(25 million) How can I do that in em editor? Or in any large file?

  • What is the format of phone numbers? Is the phone number at a certain columns of every line or any other specific location that can lead to the location of phone numbers (for instance, after "phone:", etc.)? Please write a small sample.
    – Yutaka
    Mar 5, 2022 at 17:16
  • Usa phone number without country code both file phone number are in same row first line.input file has only phone number. The file i want to filter has phone and email. I want extract same phone number that input file has. Mar 5, 2022 at 17:29
  • Do you want to extract only the matched phone numbers or the whole lines containing the matched phone numbers?
    – Yutaka
    Mar 5, 2022 at 18:12
  • İ would like to learn both Mar 5, 2022 at 18:24
  • My problem is my input file has 25million phone number and i tryna do batch extract but it didn't work out. Mar 5, 2022 at 18:40

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Suppose you have a 25 million phone number list (file A) and a phone-email database file (file B).

To extract all matched lines or matched strings (updated)

  1. Please make sure EmEditor is up-to-date including beta versions (v21.5.910 or later).
  2. Optionally, presort file A to make filtering faster. To do this, open file A with EmEditor, click the Sort A to Z button on the Sort toolbar to sort, and save the file as a different file name if you prefer (file A2).
  3. Open file B with EmEditor.
  4. Drag and drop file A2 or file A from Explorer to the Filter box on the Filter toolbar. (Alternatively, click Advanced Filter button on the Filter toolbar. Click on the right side of the Add button, select Add a Linked File. Select file A2 or file A.)
  5. Make sure the Match Case option is set.
  6. Click Filter button. Wait for the filtering finish. This might take several minutes. Then click Close button.

Advanced Filter

  1. Click Extract All drop-down button on the Filter toolbar, then select Extract All Lines if you would like to retrieve all matched lines, or select Extract All Matches to retrieve all matched strings.

Filter toolbar

The filter and extract processes take only several seconds to finish.

  • What about emails? Are the duplicate phone number lines will be available with the duplicates Mar 5, 2022 at 20:41
  • I am not sure if I understand this comment question.
    – Yutaka
    Mar 5, 2022 at 20:49
  • İnput file has only phones, my second file has email and phone. İ want compare and extract same phone number to another file with the emails Mar 5, 2022 at 21:05
  • That's To extract all matched lines.
    – Yutaka
    Mar 5, 2022 at 21:41
  • Yes but i need emails to come with as well. Mar 5, 2022 at 21:52

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