I want to store some filenames in a QListWidget. I need to have the full file paths, but I only want to show the base filename. I probably could store the full filename in the tooltip for each item, but I'd rather not have tooltips for the list items.


You can set data for and get data from each QListWidgetItem. See QListWidgetItem::setData() and QListWidgetItem::data(). Data can be set for different roles. Use Qt::UserRole, which is "The first role that can be used for application-specific purposes."

Try something like this:

QListWidgetItem *newItem = new QListWidgetItem;
QString fullFilePath("/home/username/file");
QVariant fullFilePathData(fullFilePath);
newItem->setData(Qt::UserRole, fullFilePathData);
listWidget->insertItem(row, newItem);


QListWidgeItem* currentItem = listWidget->currentItem();
if (currentItem != 0) {
     QVariant data = currentItem->data(Qt::UserRole);
     QString fullFilePath = data.toString();

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