What is the difference between [u8] and Vec<u8> on rust?


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[u8] represents an unsized contiguous sequence of u8 somewhere in memory. As an "unsized" type, you can't store it in variables nor pass it to functions, so it's not very useful on its own. Its primarily use is to create slice references, smart pointers, and in generic types.

&[u8] is a "slice reference" which refers to such a sequence, and also carries information about its length. The reference is represented by a "fat pointer" two machine words wide, consisting of pointer to the data and the length of the data. It's the basis for &str.

Box<[u8]> is like &[u8], except it owns the underlying memory, i.e. the sequence is heap-allocated by the Box::new() constructor and deallocated on Drop. It's the basis for Box<str>.

Vec<u8> is like Box<[u8]>, except it additionally stores a "capacity" count, making it three machine words wide. Separately stored capacity allows for efficient resizing of the underlying sequence. It's the basis for String.

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