I'm having the following issue with WCF RIA Services: I have a table Customer and a table Address. A customer can have 0...n addresses. There is a form for editing the customer, with a Datagrid that displays the addresses. You add / edit an address in a child window by clicking Add / Edit. Now here's the thing:

The problem is that the user should always be able to cancel edits. This is not a problem except: If you create a new customer and you add an address to that customer, then want to edit the address but want to cancel that edit.

  • You can't do RejectChanges to the context, because it would erase the address with the customer.
  • You can't use seperate contexts because then you can't establish the foreign key relation.

How would you guys solve that?


Entity implements IRevertibleChangeTracking to support this scenario. Since it's implemented explicitly, you'll have to cast it. The following code will work.


It's working in case of edit but not in case of new..

  • In case of new you nust detatch the entity again. – LueTm Oct 21 '12 at 10:00

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