I have a couple of structs in a program. I have a pointer that should conditionally point to one of these structs. Here is a short non-functioning example:

type Struct1 struct {
    name string
type Struct2 struct {
    name string

func main() {
    var outputDevice
    switch inputValue {
        case "one":
            outputDevice = &Struct1{name: "name"}
        case "two":
            outputDevice = &struct2{name: "name"}

Note, both of the structs have a common interface:

type Output interface {
    Print() error

Any ideas about how to tackle this problem.


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This is exactly what interfaces are for.

If your two types already share a common interface, than make your variable of the interface type:

var outputDevice Output
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    Ahh, ok. Thanks for your help. I had a feeling that it was something like this but was trying to create a pointer to the interface for some reason. Mar 7, 2022 at 23:04

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