(related to Giving HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request | Zoho API | searchParams | - following the official documentation at https://www.zoho.com/people/api/forms-api/search-record.html)

When sending a GET request via Postman to fetch leave-records for today by using the following (exported as curl)

curl --location -g \
  --request GET "https://people.zoho.eu/people/api/forms/leave/getRecords?searchParams={searchField:'To',searchOperator:'After',searchText:'02-Mar-2022'}|{searchField:'From', searchOperator: 'Before', searchText : '02-Mar-2022'}" \
  --header "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.abcd1234.abcd1234"

as provided by the documentation, I receive only a HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request error response.

However, sending the same request without the searchParams, getting all leave records as a response, does work. So the URL region and the Auth to the API are correct in my case.

I authenticated as documented and received the token, using my clientId and clientSecret using the ZOHOPEOPLE.forms.ALL scope.

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(similar answer as for Giving HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request | Zoho API | searchParams |)

The documentation does say GET here (at least at the time of writing) - but the request does actually work with a POST and sending the searchParams as form-data.

curl example:

curl --location --request POST 'https://people.zoho.eu/people/api/forms/leave/getRecords' \
--header 'Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken [...]' \
--form 'searchParams="{searchField: To, searchOperator: After, searchText: 10-Mar-2022}|{searchField: From, searchOperator: Before, searchText: 10-Mar-2022}"'

Also note that I could actually omit the quotes in the searchParams for better legibility with less escaping.

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