I have a model where a User represents the user using the application and each User has friends and followers (identical to twitter relationship paradigm) which are just references to other 'User's with information like dateAdded, userId etc

I've found my friend and follower model classes have similar enough high level concepts to justify an abstract base, but I can't think of a name for one side of a friend relationship that is specific to this friend model and isn't too general.

So far my best candidate I am considering is SocialGraphVertex. Perhaps SocialGraphLeaf is more accurate or RelationshipLeaf is less of a mouthful. Any suggestions?


It's an edge in a graph, RelationshipEdge is accurate.


I would go with something like RelatedPerson.

The key concern when introducing names for such base classes is that whatever name you choose must be compliant with the is-a relations you introduce. For instance, the RelatedPerson sort of works out sense a friend is a RelatedPerson and a follower is a RelatedPerson.

It would be easier to give a good suggestion if you included a few properties of the base class.

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