I am running my e2e WebdriverIO on Gitlab Pipeline. Now I am trying to integrate my e2e tests after the deployment on Azure. The tests run after deployment as expected, only that I have a strange error with Azure.

I have a test case to upload a file. Here is how I get the file:

const filePath = process.env.PWD + '/test/resources/files/logo.jpg'
console.log('file = ' + filePath);

When my tests run on Gitlab Pipeline, the file can be located as follow:

file = /builds/hw2yvbjx/0/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/e2e/test/resources/files/logo.jpg

But when my tests run on Azure Pipeline, the file is undefined as follow:

file = undefined/test/resources/files/logo.jpg

and the full log is as follow:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\azagent\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\_xxx\e2e\undefined\test\resources\files\logo.jpg'

The path is correct, except that extra undefined is added between e2e and test. Does anyone know why this undefined is appended in the path? And how to fix it?


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process.env.PWD will log as undefined on Windows. The PWD environment variable is a 'Linux thing'.

That's why you're seeing this in your log statement in Azure (running on Windows, deduced based on the path starting with C:\...) but not in your GitLab job, which runs on a Linux host.

To fix it, you can use process.cwd(), which is platform agnostic, instead of process.env.PWD.

  • Thank you very much. process.cwd() fixes the problem !
    – Ragnarsson
    Mar 10, 2022 at 6:13

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