I'm currently building a reactive app using kotlin quarkus and mutiny, being new to reactive programming i wonder what's the best way to handle the following workflow :

  • try to find an item in the database (dynamodb)
  • if it exists return a value indicating this to the caller
  • if it does not exists call the save service
  • call an external service to get some data
  • update the item in database with those data from the external service
  • return a value indicating that the object has been created

Here's my code for now :

fun createCard(creationOrder: CreationOrder): Uni<CardCreationResult> {
    return creationOrdersRepository.findByOrderId(creationOrder.orderId)
        .onItem().transform {item ->
            if (item != null) {
            } else {

                //TODO external webservice call
                val cardNumber = UUID.randomUUID().toString()

This method will eventually be called by a rest endpoint.

creationOrdersRepository.save and creationOrdersRepository.updateCardNumberAndStatus returns a CompletableFuture (i'm using the quarkus amazon dynamodb client).

Is this the right way to do it ? Should i wrap the save and updateCardNumberAndStatus results in Uni (i have been trying to but keep getting type error) ?


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I don't believe your code does what you expect. If I understand correctly you need to "save" and "update" before emitting your result. So, you need something like (in Java, as my Kotlin is not great):

return creationOrdersRepository.findByOrderId(creationOrder.orderId)
  // We will be returning a Uni as the save, update and the web service are 
  // async
  .onItem().transformToUni(item -> {
    if (item != null) {
      return Uni.createFrom().item(CardCreationResult.AlreadyCreated);
    } else {
      // Create an Uni from the save operation
      Uni<Void> save = Uni.createFrom().completionStage(() -> 
      // This uni represents the invocation of the remote service
      Uni<String> webService = callWebService();

      // we chain the operations save -> web service -> update -> Created
      return save
        .chain(externalServiceCallResult -> 
          Uni.createFrom().completionStage(() -> creationOrdersRepository
  • Hello, thanks but when i try the pattern you gave me i get a type error : creationOrdersRepository.save() return a CompletableFuture<PutItemResponse>, creationOrdersRepository.updateCardNumberAndStatus() return a CompletableFuture<UpdateItemResponse>, But chain() seems to expect a Uni with the same type as the previous Uni : Uni<O> chain(Function<? super T, Uni<? extends O>> mapper) Or is this a kotlin problem ?
    – Benoit
    Mar 16, 2022 at 14:49
  • My bad, this was indeed kotlin not managing to infer the correct signature. Changing from .chain { myUni } to .chain { t -> myUni } fixed it, thanks !
    – Benoit
    Mar 16, 2022 at 15:27

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