Am newly using this livewire in laravel. after installing this it got an error like this

VM11768:1 Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse ()

I tried multiple files and controllers and couldn't find the solution. Everything is done as per the documentation. And am also using here is react laravel base authentication. Please help me to fix this error.

installed the livewire as per the instruction here https://laravel-livewire.com/docs/2.x/installation

Here's the code which i used


namespace App\Http\Livewire;

use App\Models\ServiceImage;
use App\Traits\UploadTrait;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Log;
use Livewire\Component;

class ServiceImages extends Component
    public $serviceimages;
    public $serviceId;
    public $images = [];
    use UploadTrait;

    public function mount($serviceId)
        $this->serviceimages = ServiceImage::where('service_id',$serviceId)->get();
        $this->serviceId = $serviceId;

    public function render()
        return view('livewire.service-images');

    public function save()
            'images.*' => 'image|max:1024', // 1MB Max

        foreach ($this->images as $image) {
            $serviceImage=new ServiceImage();

    public function updated($value){

        $this->serviceId = $value;
        $this->serviceimages = ServiceImage::where('service_id',$value)->get();

    public function updatedServiceimages($value)

        $this->serviceId = $value;
        $this->serviceimages = ServiceImage::where('service_id',$value)->get();

and for the view part below

    <form wire:submit.prevent="save">
        <input type="file" wire:model="photos" multiple>

        @error('photos.*') <span class="error">{{ $message }}</span> @enderror

        <button type="submit">Save Photo</button>

    <div wire:model="serviceimages">
        @foreach($serviceimages as $serviceimage)
            <img src="{{ $serviceimage->image }}"><br>


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