I get this error when I try to open the init.vim file for neovim, for neoclide coc.vim. Any solutions? in WSL(Ubuntu)

[coc.nvim] Error on execute :pyx command, ultisnips feature of coc-snippets requires pyx support on vim. use :CocOpenLog for details

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Enter command pip install pynvim in your command line. It helped me. And before this you should have python on your PC.


you choose correct version of python in init.vim

let g:python3_host_prog="/usr/bin/version python" example

let g:python3_host_prog="/usr/bin/python3.10"


I tried with installing pynvim and also have the latest pip (21.3.1). My vim version is 9.0 and compiled it from scratch. But while searching the features included with vim, I realised that I had not included python. After following this answer, I enabled python while compiling vim. My issue has been resolved.


I had to upgrade pip first, then run pip install pynvim.


Most likely you default python install broke for some reason on you machine (was the same for me). Try running the python command from the terminal. If you get command not recognized than you know this is the problem.

Reinstalling python or set the python the python path that vim uses to an installed python version that works

let g:python3_host_prog="/usr/bin/version python" 

Assuming you have python3 installed.

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